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Why This Matters

The Religious Discrimination Bill is promoted as preventing discrimination against people of religion. However, it can be debated it encourages privilege of one group to discriminate over others.

We need to keep in mind if this legislation passes, it will override all other anti-discrimination legislation in every State.

There will be more discrimination against Australians who traditionally fall foul of traditional religious doctrine, including:

 People with Disability


LGBTIQ+ People

Racial and Religious Minorities

Who is against the bill?

The Religious Discrimination Bill has been condemned by Australian leaders and organisations

Michael Kirby, retired High Court judge

“This is an unbalanced law that will sustain nastiness and hostility. The result will be a rise in religious intolerance and also anti-religious hostility to replace the more relaxed tradition of modern Australia.”

Sally McManus, secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions

“The Religious Discrimination Bill will make workplaces unsafe for many people, exposing them to hateful, damaging & discriminating behaviour. Everyone should be able to go to work, be safe and get on with their job without being exposed to this.”

Rev Peter Grayson-Weeks, co-convener, Uniting Network

“Instead of segregation by race or skin colour the Australian government is creating a system of state-sponsored segregation based on sexual orientation. It is our view that this is totally against the wisdom and teaching of Jesus Christ.”

Dr Chris Moy, the Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Australian Medical Association

“Our professional standards (say), we needed to care for patients, but we have this really basal sort of legislation which says you could walk away and not have anything to do with it. And this would have major implications, particularly in, say, a remote rural area where you might only have one doctor.”

The Bill is a licence for bigotry

The Religious Discrimination Bill was supposed to prevent discrimination on the basis of religion, but it actually allows discrimination in the name of religion.
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We are a coalition of individuals and communities opposed to discrimination in the name of religion, and the Religious Discrimination Bill.

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