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Tell our politicians to scrap the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Your email will go to the Attorney-General, Christian Porter, who is currently consulting on the bill. We will also send your email to other people with the power to help stop this travesty. They include Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, Labor justice spokesperson, Mark Dreyfus, Greens justice spokesperson, Nick McKim, Religious Discrimination Bill Consultation and cross-bench members of both houses of Parliament including Rex Patrick, Jacqui Lambie, Pauline Hanson, Zali Steggall, Helen Haines and Andrew Wilkie.

You will also receive a copy.

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Everyone is entitled to equality. No one deserves discrimination. Fill in the details below to take action.
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    I oppose the Religious Discrimination Bill.

    The Bill will give a green light to discrimination against all those millions of Australians whose lives and values don’t conform to traditional religious dogma.

    This includes people with disability, women, LGBTIQ+ people, and racial and religious minorities.

    I believe in an inclusive and tolerant Australia where people treat each other with respect. The Religious Discrimination Bill will have the opposite impact. It will lead to a more divided and hate-filled Australia. That is not the kind of country the majority of Australians voted Yes for.

    Please do the right thing by all Australians: scrap the Religious Discrimination Bill.

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We will use the data you have entered to keep you informed about the campaign against the Religious Discrimination Bill including what further action is required to defeat it.

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We are a coalition of individuals and communities opposed to discrimination in the name of religion, and the Religious Discrimination Bill.

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Scrap the Religious Discrimination Bill